Play a

critical role

In the aftermarket supply chain by distributing over 2 million replacement parts and almost 30,000 paint products and related collision repair accessories.

The automotive aftermarket consists of all the steps prolonging the life of a vehicle. Once off the manufacturer’s lot the automotive aftermarket begins. Repair shops, collision centres, auto parts stores, as well as manufacturers of all vehicle parts, chemicals, tools, equipment, and accessories make up this market.


4 000 000

people working in the automotive aftermarket accross North America

market value

$337 billion dollars

of replacement parts, paint, and related products in North America.

Retail sales in the automotive aftermarket are over $19 billion in Canada.


Our most important distribution channel. As a leading distributor we are an essential link between manufacturers and consumers.

We distribute automotive products primarily to our corporate stores and independent wholesalers.

They in turn supply auto service shops and collision centres, answering the needs of national, regional, and retail consumers

Sales in Canada reached $19bn in 2013, of which 75% were destined for professional repair centers.


Through our subsidiary FinishMaster we distribute automotive paint and related products to national and regional collision repair centres from our network of corporate stores.

Paint and related materials represented a market of approximately $2.5bn in 2013, where FinishMaster held a solid leadership position.


Replacement parts comprise 88% of the automotive aftermarket sales. They are broken down into three segments:

An aging population, increased sophistication of vehicles, and a growing number of imported vehicles led to growth in the DIFM segment compared to the DIY segment. The DIFM market is expected to grow 3.5% until 2017.

The North American automotive aftermarket is stable and is expected to remain strong in coming years

To learn more about the automotive aftermarket in Canada, visit www.aiacanada.com.

To learn more about the automotive aftermarket in the United States, visit www.autocare.org.