17th Banquet du cœur: Uni-Select proud to support this remarkable success of the Heart & Stroke Foundation!

On May 14, the Heart & Stroke Foundation hosted the 17th edition of its Banquet du cœur at the Francine-Gadbois multifunctional centre in Boucherville. For more than a decade, Uni-Select has been an engaged partner of this sought-after event for the Greater Montreal area business community. This fundraising event, which welcomed more than 400 guests this year, featured great moments (including a live auction led with mastery by Quebec Strongman, Hugo Girard!) and thus, raised more than $170,000 net to accelerate the next medical discoveries.

Through their efforts and commitment to the cause, Nadine Collette, Chief Financial Officer, Canadian Automotive Group, and Richard Roy, Member of the Board of Directors of Uni-Select Inc., have both contributed to the success of the event by actively participating in the 2019 Honorary Committee. The strong participation of Uni-Select's Management Team also demonstrated the renewed engagement of our Corporation.

Senior executives from some of our business partners joined the event to reinforce our company's efforts towards this cause and show their support, including Brake Parts Inc. LLC, from British Columbia, and PPG, a global supplier of paints, coatings and specialized materials from Pittsburgh, U.S.A.

The stroke death rate has dropped by more than 75% over the last 60 years, but there is still much work to be done if we consider that heart disease and stroke take a life every 7 minutes. In Canada, 1.6 million people live with the permanent consequences of heart disease or stroke. When we recall that 80% of heart diseases and strokes can be prevented, events such as the Banquet du cœur make a real difference in advancing research, fighting for prevention, saving lives and transforming recovery for affected people. https://www.heartandstroke.ca/